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Ohio and US Zone Maps

Zone Maps.

The map to the right is not the most current zone map released by the USDA, but it is the zone map that we at New Leaf reccomend you follow. Over the past 30 years, average temperatures have increased leading the USDA to move us to Zone 6.

The last few winters have been colder than average, similar to those of Zone 4. In our opinion, we believe that if you want your plants to survive, then you should purchase plants for Zone 5.

What does this mean for gardeners in our area?  It means that if you want a plant to survive in your garden year after year it needs to be a Zone 5 or lower number.  Some Zone 6 plants can also survive if planted in a protected area or given additional winter protection. Anything higher than a Zone 7 is considered an annual in our area and will not survive our winters.












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